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Tips to Sell a Home With People and Pets


How to Prepare Your Home for Sale When You Have Pets

If you’re
getting ready to move, you already know that today’s market moves faster than ever before. But, just because it’s a seller’s market doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put in some work to get your home ready. This is especially true when you have pets and people sharing the same space. Although the vast majority of your potential buyers probably have their own furry friend, it’s best to reduce evidence of yours before your house is put on the market.

Today’s tips, from MyPetCerts, skim the surface of what you need to know when you are selling as a pet parent. 

Start With A Purge

Your realtor is going to tell you to declutter your house whether you have pets or not. This is because your home needs to be as blank of a canvas as possible so that potential buyers can envision it as their space. Throughout your cleaning and decluttering efforts, take the time to evaluate what you need and what you don’t. Items include appliances you don’t use, old wrapping paper, outdated cosmetics, and games your children have outgrown.

Clean Better Than Before

Now that you’ve got rid of things you don’t need, you can start to pack up the things you do need that aren’t used. Seasonal clothing and decorations, outdoor sports equipment, and all of those shoes at the bottom of the closet top this list. Now you have a bare-bones space to clean. 

Start by wiping down all hard surfaces. Next, turn your attention to the carpets. You can rent a carpet cleaner or, perhaps a better option, buy one for yourself. Good Housekeeping recommends several, most of which come in at less than $300. Once you have deep clean, update walls with a coat of paint—you can also paint kitchen cabinets a dark, glossy color to hide pet markings. Look for creative ways to hide your pet’s bed, such as putting it in an unused fireplace that’s blocked by a decorative fireplace screen.

What To Do With Your Dog Or Cat During Showings

Most realtors agree that it’s best if any animal inhabitants aren’t in the home when strangers are snooping around. Make sure to schedule showings for days and times when you can have your pet with you. For this, you’ll need a leash and collar, crate, and, if it’s during the warmer months, a cooling mat. When you’re purchasing a crate or cooling mat, make sure to pay close attention to size, materials and durability, and how easily it can be cleaned. You also want to look at the cooling method and/or ventilation.


Ongoing Routine

Once your house is clean, organized, and your pet vacated for showings, your work isn’t done. Although there is a good chance that your house will sell within a matter of weeks, there’s always a possibility that your first buyer will drop out for some reason. Because of this, make sure to prioritize ongoing cleaning until closing. Open the windows each day, a simple action that Pella Windows notes can clean your home’s air of pollutants and make it smell better. Further, make sure to use a throw blanket on the couch if your pet has a favorite spot, and wash it often. How often? Every two weeks, at minimum, but more if it is used daily.

Will your move with your pet be easy? We think probably not.  When you need to move and you have pets, getting your house clean and tidy can be a labor of love. This effort will help and furry family member relocate faster and with fewer snags along the way.


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